Hello world !

My new blog…. YIKES !

You would think a mature woman in her 30s , a wife &  mother OF 4 would have masses of confidence & not think twice about  writing her first post to the entire world !

Well let me tell you otherwise I am sitting HERE with sweaty palms trembling hands & a extra large mug of very strong tay !

3 teabags in the mug i kid you not ….

Anyway I have a love for shopping & make-up , my husband might disagree with me and call it an addiction !

I also love baking , travelling , a good BARGAIN & days out with my hubby & family days the list is long  !

BEAUTIFUL things make me HAPPY and sure isnt being HAPPY what its all about in life !

Follow me on my journey ……


Since I last posted this I have proudly become a stylist & personal shopper my hard work has paid off & I am following my dream #stylist #photoshoots


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