6 Mths in & I’ve a mouth full #literally

6 Mths in & I’ve a mouth full #literally


Tuesday the 20th of Dec, I got my top tracks on, it was a mixture of excitement to be getting on with things and also covering up gaps created by my arch expander which were making me so self-conscious. I thought I may lose the expander but No it’s still lodging in my gob & I got the wire on the bottom changed. It’s strange getting used to a mouth full of metal & still taping every single night.

But I know it will be worth it in the end. The major benefit is that I haven’t had a migraine in 16 weeks … for me this is epic. A break through.


I took painkillers the morning the top tracks were going on and for the next three days. The pressure and sensitivity were quite bad but the pain relief helped. Now my only issue is the constant brushing of my teeth as everything gets stuck in them. Oh and how to smile, I’ve tried the closed mouth grin but I look stupid or like I’m depressed so it’s just going to be a cheesy grin with a splash of metal. I’m due back in 8 weeks so I will let you know how that goes.2016-12-30-16-59-09I started this post before Christmas and its only now on Jan 7th that I’m finally getting round to posting it. This week my upper lip on the inside is full of blisters and cuts & it is extremely painful it. It is a matter of adjusting to the brace & I hope it will be soon, like asap.

Until next time signing off from Marie with the Mouth Full of Metal.

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