Capture the light with a Sundial

Capture the light with a Sundial

I totally fell in love with the story behind Sundial . It began with a simple story between a watch maker and a photographer, one a craftsman the other an artist.

A photographer is driven to capture its subject in all it’s glory to evoke emotion and create something thought-provoking and an image to grab your attention & one which will draw you in and hold your attention…an image should capture your imagination and create a story all in one shot … shutter speed and light and that momentary nano second when, beauty and precious moments are captured forever !!!

That to me is such a craft a skill and similar to that of a watch maker. Time and light are the essence of day and night, hours and seconds. Their shared passion is one which creates something of sheer beauty and in this instance the watch maker decided to unlock the energy stored in light and to give you effortless reliability and design something so beautiful yet timeless.

He then gifted his friend the photographer with the first Sundial watch and thanked him for the inspiration. Their shared love of light & time captured in beauty but in very different ways.


Black & Gold Sequin Embossed Jumpsuit Suzsa

Images not only sell messages, stories, brands, ideas, products. A stylist the models and photographer work hand in hand to create the best image for one purpose your enjoyment


I would be meticulous in my planning of a shoot when working with a particular brand or client and every detail has to be perfect. I wanted to give you a story, one of beauty, togetherness, warmth, class, everything that Sundial means to me.

Thanks so much to Sundial for collaborating with me on this project. I loved every second of it & I love my new Sundial watch which was gifted to me & hey it’s Irish made !


Flo’s suit is River Island & my Jumpsuit is Suzsa

With a striking seven-link solid steel bracelet and butterfly clasp, Sundial bracelet models feature a high-grade of finish and polishing with a fitted end-piece. Smooth to the touch, our bracelets perfectly compliment Sundial’s rounded monocoque case.



Special thanks to my dear friends …

Photographer Aisling  and to my leading man on-screen Flo from One Hour Behind

Let me know what is your favourite image from the shoot and if you will be purchasing a Sundial for your loved one this Christmas …

Love Marie XxX


  1. December 28, 2016 / 6:05 pm

    Great photoshoot pictures Marie 🙂 Stunning jumpsuit from Suzsa and I love that the Sundial watches are Irish Made!

    • January 1, 2017 / 3:08 pm

      Thanks Rachel. The Jumpsuit is super comfy on and has pockets it also comes in a rose gold colour. Yes the Sundial brand is gorgeous and being Irish makes it even better to support X Happy New Year to you X

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