Wedding in Thailand

Weddings we all love an excuse to dress up dont we ?

We had the absolute pleasure of being invited to my brother in laws wedding !

Wait for it …….in

Thailand yes I kid you not THAILAND …. Chang Mai  to be exact well that’s where they both live you see and no she’s not Thai shes American ( lovely girl ) the wedding ceremony was in Chang Dao Nest … Surreal place to say the least !

We made the decision to go and then life gets in the way and some S–T happens !!!!! And we decided not to go !!!!!! But then with the help of the  ANGELS lets call them (you know who you are and how much ye mean to all of us ) we managed to go to Thailand .

Anyway we went for 7 days and took our youngest Faye she was 2 & 11mths at the time & she managed the journey better than us she’s a seasoned traveller at this stage and has a more impressive passport than I had at 30 …. It was a long journey with three planes to get on and off …… began the drive from Cork to Dublin Airport  and hopped on the plane, Dublin to Dubai then Dubai to Bangkok and then Bangkok to Chang Mai ….. we made it tired but happy , you know that kind of happiness and  excitement you get as a kid when you went to bed early the night before looking forward to getting up knowing and anticipating the annual school tour  it was kinda like that but a zillion times better !

Just like to say we traveled with emirates and they were fantastic the in flight entertainment was a life saver never watched so many films one after the other…..


The Fault in our Stars …… I was pre warned and I was a blubbering mess by the end of it ….have watched it 3 times since I love a good weepy …… anyway …

The first 3 nights we stayed in a fabulous hotel in Chang Mai called  The SIRILANNA Hotel


We took a tuc tuc tour of the temples , checked out a local market and soaked up Chang Mai’s culture , delicious food and its bustling beauty !

wpid-20141020_103906.jpgwpid-20141019_131910.jpg wpid-img_20141026_042836.jpg

 Then headed to ChangDao Nest  for the next 3 nights ….. it was like heading into an undiscovered tropical paradise hardly touched by mankind  ! Faye was delighted when we visited the elephants ,  fed them and watched them bathe in the river all happy and content in their own environment it was very special !


wpid-20141020_123939.jpg  wpid-20141022_100208.jpg  wpid-img_20141022_144544.jpgwpid-20141022_095458.jpg wpid-img_20141026_042322.jpg wpid-img_20141022_144458.jpg

Our home for the next few nights were amazing Bamboo huts ,but what struck me most in Chang Dao was the noises in the evening the loudest crickets and creature noises I have ever heard in my entire life !

It had the best food ever and we love our food everything on the menu sounded fab and we sampled plenty so if you love food , tranquility , temples and monks chanting in the early hours of the morning for prayer then Chang Dao is , its idyllic, its nature at its best and there’s no Xbox, video games, phones, tv , kids club etc if thats your thing then its the place for you …. Chang Dao Nest !

Theres a swimming pool and a few goats ,cats and a dog ….. a one-eyed pug to be precise !

The hospitality and warm welcome we received was amazing the Thai people are so gracious and humble and work really hard ….We shall return one day as I want to see the monks during morning pray as the dawn breaks and there was so much more we didnt get to do and see …

The reason I began this post was wedding style so here we go , wpid-20141020_143112.jpg wpid-20141021_175633.jpg


My dress, it’s my favourite colour YELLOW ! A Diva dress from Hickeys Fermoy . I double jobbed and wore it for my son Cathals communion in May last yr also.



It was an amazing day shared with special people and wonderful family xxx

Have you been invited to a wedding , but are not quite sure what to wear ? In general you will want to wear a dress , doesn’t need to be full length unless it’s very formal and just about any colour goes except for white or course !

It’s a long day so make sure its a comfortable dress not too tight maybe a little stretch in the fabric so that it  can take a little expansion from all the eating and drinking that one par – takes in at weddings !

And if you don’t love it don’t buy it !

1a49f8541c8bcc17417255c9ff83f80a.jpg carrie


Lovely idea for a photo ! Have it blown up and framed add your names and date of your big day …..creating memories xxx


Hair accessories are stunning if you don’t fancy a veil ! Like me if you keep it safe you could pass it to your daughter for Holy Communion or on her own wedding day ! Something old covered eh !

Here are a few Inspo images I love ……..      wpid-2015-03-12_09.49.54.jpgwpid-2015-03-12_09.53.17.jpgwpid-2015-03-12_09.54.07.jpgwpid-2015-03-12_09.55.54.jpg

Wonderful idea for kids to be able to join in the toasting of the happy couple !

Wonderful idea for kids to be able to join in the toasting of the happy couple !

wpid-2015-03-12_09.52.23.jpgCant wait for the next wedding invite now ! So I can go searching for some more Beautiful Things ……. and with  a marriage comes a journey a commitment a respect a bond and a life long adventure that two people take till they hopefully grow old and grey together & always LOVE each other ………….. endXXXXX

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