Family Trip to Dublin Zoo


We had decided to do a day trip to Dublin Zoo when the kids had their Easter holidays & with no work on Good Friday the day was set !
Micheal is a man who likes to be organised so the sandwiches were made the night before , salmon for us & cheese for the kids , a pack of shortbread biscuits a few bananas ,flask out ready to fill in the morning.
The excitement the night before was lovely to see !
Faye was all excited talking about seeing the snakes , penguins & giraffe’s a few of her favourite animals .

But most importantly she informed me that if they have a big slide like Fota park does , then she MUST go on it . (20 times I think it was)
We have never been so we were all looking forward to going !
Micheal had been once alright as a kid .
Bed early for everyone .
Alarm set for 7.00 .
All clothes laid out the night before With four kids you have to be organised or it could take an eternity to leave the house !
BEEP ! Beep !
Up we got !
Micheal feeds the cat & gets the breakfast ready ….
While I wake the four sleepy heads up stairs , dressed & down for breakfast ,then teeth ,toilet & into the car not before we have a few shouts n roars over who’s sitting where ?
Shut up you ! I’m telling mom Butt brain , tears ….the usual

Be quiet or we WONT GO TO THE ZOO ! (I shout)
Tablets all charged & ready for the Journey & Frozen in the CD player for Princess *Sweetpea
Off we go …….
We stopped half way in a new service station in Co.Laois a fine place loads of parking & a nice shop tea,coffee sandwiches and a SuperMacs !
We stretched the legs briefly & then pulled out the flask for a cuppa & a shortbread !

Back on the road again & becoming slightly demented from listening to FROZEN for the hundred time so package data on & MILLY & MOLLY on you tube for the next hr . You’ll do anything to keep em happy & quiet on a long journey .
The one thing I notice is that the signage in Ireland is HORRENDOUS why can’t we have lots of signs (god help the tourists)
Not one sign for the Zoo until we were nearly on top of it !
Parked up & out we got ! I then though of the buggy oops look she’s 3 & has lots of energy she’ll be grand .
We have membership to FotaWildlife park which includes entry to Dublin Zoo .

We went to the cafe firstly & had our lunch (pre-packed by hubby) so just bought 2 teas . So money savvy with 4 you would be robbed so every little helps
My Sambo was delicious salmon mayo lettuce ! So everyone refueled and raring to go off we went to explore the zoo


There was loads to see a great variety of animals and lots of fun play areas for the kids .

Lots of toilets which is great when you have kids & bins I love lots of bins a few places could take note we need more bins and less litter a pet hate of mine !


A great family day out with lovely memories made .

On the way home we stopped off at the service station and got our dinner wpid-20150405_180608.jpg

I knew these would come in handy some time we fed 6 hungry mouths for less than 30 quid RESULT !

We had a picnic for lunch made by hubby & didn’t pay for the Zoo as our Fota Wildlife membership covers entry to the Zoo. Some places in Ireland can be so pricey & they consider a family as 2 adults and 3 kids & often over charge .

So if you can save a little do. Kids love having picnics and fun days out don’t have to cost a fortune to be FUN !

Dublin Zoo was a great family day out and everyone enjoyed it MEMORIES MADE

Until next time my Beautiful things XxX

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