Prague in Three Days

Three days was all we had, but would have happily spent three weeks, wandering the cobblestoned streets taking in the beautiful architecture, discovering new places to eat, cosy bars for a drink, and just generally taking in all that this amazing city has to offer.


We had a three night stay from the 8th to 11th of November. We flew with Ryanair costing us roughly €100 each return, including priority boarding, a carry on 10Kg case and a shoulder bag, more than sufficient for a three day break. It’s a quick two hr flight which is great and hey if your escaping four kids like us it’s a luxury to sit and eat all the Minstrels by yourself … *Bliss*


Once landed into Vaclav Havel Airport head to towards arrivals and the Visitor Centre is located on your right hand side. you cant miss it. Purchase your Three Day Transfer Ticket which will set you back 310kc about €14.00. This covers trains, trams, metro and buses around Prague. Make sure to validate your ticket on your first journey as this marks the validation stamp on your tickets. Keep your tickets safe and on you at all times. It’s based on trust and a ticket inspector can spot check at any time, fining you 800czk for an un -validated ticket.


Transport Tickets


We stayed in the “Boutique Hotel Seven Days” centrally located just 3 minutes walk from Wenceslas Square, and close to 2 Metro stops and Tramlines. On choosing a hotel we always check location, recommendations on Tripadvisor and value for money, and we also wanted to stay somewhere traditional to Prague.

Our Three night stay including breakfast in a superior room cost us €210.00 in total for two people. The staff were very friendly and helpful , plus the breakfast each morning was like a banquet with complimentary Prosecco and a live Pianist on the Sunday morning !!! Yes serenaded whilst we ate our poached eggs and sipped our glass of bubbles. It was thee most tranquil hotel stay we have ever had the pleasure to experience.

On our first evening we dined in the hotel itself and had the most delicious Goulash with dumplings which would be a typical Czech dish. We headed out after dinner to explore, taking in Wenceslas Square, old town Square and the magnificent Astronomical Clock. We continued along the river until we came to Charles Bridge spending time here to admire its Gothic Architchure and Baroque sculpture, it’s an iconic landmark in the very centre of Prague. Evening time is best to see the bridge as during the day it gets over run with the selfie stick brigade. Plus it’s more romantic at night with all the pretty lamplights adorning the bridge. During Advent and Pre-Christmas a lamplighter in a historical suit comes out and lights the lamps with a long stick.

Wandering back towards our hotel we popped into Rocky O’Reillys .Not your typical Czech watering hole by any means, but a quaint mix of old Ireland with a real big roaring fire and it had my favourite Staropramen beer on tap and the cheesy nachos were to die for lads. I spotted some top tips gracing the walls of O’Reillys , very handy to know, check them out below.




We walked to catch the tram by our hotel, No.22 which runs across the river and up beyond Prague Castle,unfortunately it was out of commission for maintenance during our stay, so we walked towards the river, which worked in our favour as we came across The Dancing House also called Ginger and Fred after the legendary dance duo. It is situated next to the Vitava River.

The building is striking and unique in style. Surrounded by more historic architecture it really is a splendid sight. On the very top of the building sits a leading restaurant with magnificent views. This is the only part of the building which is open to the public.

Next up is Prague Castle and the Cathedral of St. Vitus. The Gothic Cathedral was breathtaking and the highlight for me. The construction took nearly 600 years and was finally completed in 1929.Admission is free to the Castle grounds including St.Wenceslas Chapel and the Neo-Gothic part only. On entry to the Castle complex, you are subjected to a security check.


The views from the top are worth the walk up alone. Walking back down was a pleasure and at the foothill of the Castle lies one of the oldest pubs in Prague – open daily since 1375 , we enjoyed unfiltered beers in a Medieval Tavern with vaulted ceilings lit by hanging candle chandeliers . Implements of torture adorned the walls, it was like being transported back in time.



Life is meant for spectacular adventures, let your feet wander, your eyes marvel and your soul ignite among the narrow cobbled streets of Prague.

Comfy footwear for sightseeing is a must and after a morning and afternoon of just that we were ravenous.

We stumbled upon Palliardi ,a quaint cafe/bar which had a meal deal on a board outside which caught my eye. We ordered the Goulash followed by yummy cake and lattes to wash it all down, a steal at 195cck which is about €8.00 pp.

As we were down that neck of the woods we continued to Petrin Hill and Petrin Lookout Tower. It was dark by the time we reached it and the funicular was out of service for maintenance, just our luck but we enjoyed the walk. Now at this stage hubby was hell bent on climbing the 299 steps to the top of the tower to stand on the observation deck and take in the stunning views of Prague by night, I was very very reluctant as I suffer from Labyrinthitis and hate heights, not the best combination when trying to scale a height of 63.5 metres (210-foot-tall) tower. But I was only convinced by the fact that Mr.B-M said it’ll be fine, its enclosed and I’ll be right there with you. I soon discovered to my horror that it was in fact open to the outside, the octagonal tube is the core of the structure with the lift surrounded by two spiral staircases one for each direction. So only one way up and one way down I discovered to my dismay. After scaling the steps to the first deck at 55 metres I thought feck it I’ve done it and a wave of relief washed over me, alas I was mistaken and Mr.B-M confirmed I had to climb further to reach the top. Panic kicked in and tears pricked my eyes but there’s only one way up and one way down so on we went … well I think I climbed it practically on my hands and knees the rest of the way up taking breathing stops every so often. I kid you not. I reached the top in a ball of sweat and fear clung to my hubby and the rail for dear life. I did it … I bloody well did it. As petrified as I was I did it and got the selfie to prove it. I required a few pints of Staropramen after that experience I can tell yeah / for medicinal purposes of course, a great end to the perfect day.





On Saturday morning we took the short walk to Namesti Miru Square and got the Metro beyond the Old Town Square and wandered around the Jewish Quarter which is home to six Synagogues and its Old Jewish Cemetery is the most remarkable of it’s kind on the continent.

Next some window shopping along nearby Parizska St, which connects the Jewish Quarter to the Old Town Square. You will discover the choice Boutiques and International Stores – Prada, Burberry, Gucci, along Prague’s luxury shopping district.

Worn out from all the window shopping we headed back to the Old Town Square and had a drink opposite The Astronomical Clock, waiting for it to strike upon the hour – 9.00 a.m to 11.00 p.m, the procession of the Apostles sets in motion and its well worth watching.

Later that evening we had a look round the shops and to my delight there was a Sephora store and on recommendation from Cherrysue I went with the Sephora Face Masks Gift set. I also treated myself to the Fenty Pro Filt’r foundation as I was hugely influenced by the gorge Laura Dempsey . In Sephora Prague there are no real savings on high end makeup or beauty products compared to at home so just stick with there own brand stuff to get value for your buck.

All in all a wonderful memorable time was had in the city of Prague and we most certainly shall be visiting again …

In fact we already have our tickets & hotel booked for the end of Feb and cant wait to go back.

Love Marie X

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