What’s new in my wardrobe ?


What’s new in my wardrobe, well today I’m sharing some pieces from the Spanish brand Tiffosi woman. The staple in everyone’s wardrobe is the white shirt, a classic piece that any woman of any age can wear. I opted for this one with quirky eyelet detailing and a red and navy ribbon. This is a timeless button up companion for dark denims, navy trousers or skirts during the week. It will never go out of style and to change it up I’ll add a navy blazer and un-do the ribbon ties, pop one around the neck for a completely different look. This then creates a more elegant put together look for work.



So there you have it, little old me styling up pieces I love. It’s all about being creative, transforming an otherwise random piece and turning it into a work of art. I sound crazy don’t I?  But  seriously, for me it’s all about building a story and carefully styling fashion items and hoping that by doing so you make someone want to try something new and inspire some creativity. It is my interpretation of fashion and in doing so it  may be a style that will be replicated by others in the future.


I must admit I’ve lost my mojo regarding blogging and it’s been solely down to Social Media and the toxic environment which it dispels over the past while. I’ve taken a step back, HIT  the UNFOLLOW button on a hell of a lot of accounts that don’t inspire me or give me something back, make me feel happy or give me something I can take into my daily life and benefit from. Gone are the days of F4F, aimlessly scrolling for 10 minutes with it actually ending up being 2 hours of your life you’ll never get back, and why ?

Why indeed, in case you miss something or someone saw it before you and you felt like you missed out !


Sound familiar doesn’t it and totally ridiculous. I’m trying hard to only watch those who add something of benefit to my day, accounts that inspire me / support me or just make me feel good. The last year has shown me a heightened perfectionism due to Social Media. We all want to naturally look our best and present ourselves in the very best light. However, if we only show or highlight the gorgeous and perfect moments we just give a false sense of realism to all who follow or watch us.


Its all EGO and we constantly compare ourselves to others ,those we watch daily. We then in turn compare ourselves, our lives, our bodies. our successes and so on and so forth.

I challenged all of these recently and to keep it REAL on Social Media I posted this video

Keeping it very REAL on Instagram

Posting it online showing my vulnerabilities along side the pretty picture perfect images show the realness and gives you a true soul who highlights the good, the bad, and the ugly. That my friends is REAL LIFE, we only get one so lets live it in REAL TIME.


Love Marie XxX


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