Autumn Winter Style 2018



Officially the 1st of August is Autumn but in actual fact it never feels Autumnal to me. Once September hits and the kids are back to school, routine is resumed and the season has changed. Dark mornings and cold nights are almost upon us, and so we need to start thinking about adjusting our wardrobes accordingly. We need to reevaluate what we own and go through our wardrobe piece by piece getting rid of stuff we haven’t worn in the last 6/12 months. Bag it up and give to a charity shop or sell it on Depop or ask the gals in your WhatsApp group if they fancy anything before it gets rehomed. As the saying goes, what’s one mans junk is another mans treasure.


Identify key pieces you need to buy like chunky knits, boots, a new winter coat and make sure you figure out which pieces will make the biggest difference to your existing wardrobe and create a vibe that works for you and your lifestyle.


Autumn/ Winter =  Long walks on crisp cold days.

Lighting the fire and drinking lots of tea & hot chocolate.

Stomping on crunchy leaves.

Cuddling up and watching movies.

Fluffy socks.

Listening to pelting rain while laying in bed.

The list is endless …




This Autumn /Winter  add a splash of excitement to your neutral colour palette of blacks, greys, whites & nudes and add some texture and structure. Add colours like navy, khaki, magenta, maroon and red which are fab additions along with pastels, emerald green, sapphire blue and bright orange. Above all have fun with your style and if you love it wear it, nothing looks better than confidence in a woman and if you look well you feel well and channel that inner sass and style like a powerhouse.


Suit / Heels available HERE

Step into Autumn with the power suit above and pair up with a fine knit to elevate your style and stay warm. Adding a scarf or some gloves are a simple way to compliment this look for the chillier months ahead.

The versatility of the suit has undoubtedly grown over the years.



Love Marie X


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