Phi Brows – Part 1

Phi Brows – Part 1

                                               Brows are SISTERS not Twins …


This is so true, just like your tities no two are the same and that’s just fine. But when you end up hating your brows and tire of constantly filling them in to feel nice, well then it’s time to make a change. Well that was the case for me and my brows.


I wasn’t one of the cool gang back in the 80’s who over plucked in a trend driven craze. Only messing, in all seriousness I didn’t over pluck, I just had thin brows and never thought much about them until the last few  years when I discovered Benefit Brow Powder and then was like OMG what have I been missing all my life ? The young lady on the counter filled in my brows and I was like SOLD, gimme that holy grail product and let my brow game be strong, well as strong as an Inglot sales assistant or actually not quite, but ya get my drift. I filled my brows in happily for years and didn’t give it a second thought until I started wearing makeup for work … then it was makeup brows and makeup brows everyday. Brows became a chore cause it takes a few mins to get them babies perfect. So time was also an issue and just got fed up of my skinny ass brows and began looking at new treatments and whether any might be an option for me.

I decided to go with Phi Brows, and as you can see they are so natural and the blade strokes mimic your own brow hairs beautifully. I fell head over brows haha!!! for the insanely talented Phi Brow artist Michelle Fox  and her work, check out her skills right here


Brows after being marked out using symmetry

The most asked questions when I posted about my brows on Insta stories were:

*Are they expensive ?

The Phi Brow treatment is €380, its a two part treatment, first part is €250 and the second is done 4 weeks later and is €130. Top up usually every 7-12 months but everyone is different. Depending on their skin type it could be 6 months.

Unfortunately the treatment cannot be carried out if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding or on blood thinners.

*Did it hurt ?

I wouldn’t say it hurt, more a little uncomfortable and the worst bit for me was when the strokes go towards the middle brow on the bone, otherwise its fine. Kinda like a scratchy sensation and if you did find it uncomfortable there’s numbing cream and your brow artist will stop whenever you need to.


In this image you can see where my natural brow line is before treatment.


Before & After


The images above and the smile on my face say it all & here are a few comments I received after posting my new Phi Brows across my social media.



Aftercare was wiping over and back through the brows gently with the Phi Wipes that evening and the following morning. Then to apply a thin layer of ointment to the brows as it is a shield to protect from drying and aids the healing process.


Below is a chart of your Phi Brow Emotions from day 1 to day 42. Its been 34 days in my Brow journey and I cannot wait to go back for the final pass on my Phi Brows !   If it’s possible to bring you along and show you guys the treatment via Insta stories would it be something you’d like to see in real time ? I shall also do a final blog post on my brows showing you images and sharing my thoughts.


Love Marie X


All Brow images by MichelleFoxMua

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