Polka Dottie


The temperatures are soaring and so are the happiness levels, it’s all that Vit D you see. Make sure you slap on the sunscreen, wear a hat, cover delicate areas and stay outta the sunshine from 12 to 3, that’s the hottest part of the day folks. With sunshine and summer comes fashion and there’s nothing better this year than the Slogan Tee and Polka Dots, I must admit I’m a sucker for both. I purchased these yellow tassel earrings months back in the Dorothy Perkins sale in Killarney. I highly recommend checking them out during sales as their accessories  are always slashed way way down and they have stunning pieces that are of great quality.


The slogan T-shirt I loved for its vibrant pop of pink and well …



Voila what more can I say !!!


Next up is a black and white Polka Dot asymmetric skirt. Polka Dots are obviously dots consisting of an array of large filled circles of the same size. It is likely that the term originated in popularity from the polka dance and at the time the polka dot became fashionable. It is a pattern you either love or hate, I’m most certainly the former.

I picked both items up in Bershka Mahonpoint and it also comes in a mustard and orange with a smaller polka dot pattern. The skirt is now even better value as it’s on sale here go on nab yourself a summer bargain. Plus the Slogan T-shirt is an incredible €3.99 you can get it right here

The Vans I borrowed from my 12 yr old son & they just add that laid back vibe to the whole outfit. It’s an added bonus that he is the same size so I can rob, I mean borrow, his Vans whenever I like. They are super comfy & I really love em but I’m still a converse gal at heart.

Marie XxX

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