Daring Denim

It’s safe to say that denim is a fabric that suits everyone. It is a classic wardrobe essential and so versatile. Denim need not be boring, look for pieces with added va-va voom and step out of your comfort zone and be a little more daring !!!

I’m like a magpie and when I spotted this beauty I knew it would be mine. The longline style has a clever way of making you look slimmer and taller which is an added bonus eh ladies. The little rips and blingtastic sequins on the back which looks like angels wings will make you really stand out from the crowd, as not too many people are adventurous enough to try anything other than the normal length jackets.The longline style is so under rated in the fashion world that they are not mentioned enough. I have added a few longline blazers to my wardrobe recently and love them.

For a stylish casual street look, you can pair a longline denim jacket with skinny jeans and sneakers. Pairing with boyfriend jeans is also an excellent idea if you want to add more character to your look. I opted for the white skinny jean here as we are nearing Summer. It’s a great outfit idea for casual gathering at night, especially when you are just hanging out with your girl friends and you don’t necessarily want to dress too feminine.

Pairing a washed blue longline denim jacket with a black top and black skinny jeans can make you look absolutely stylish and beautiful. The black top and skinny jeans can already help make you look slimmer. The longline denim jacket further visually trims some width off your body, making you look tall and slim.

Put on a pair of sunnys, look slightly edgy and different and own that look. Play around with different washes, don’t be a slave to dark denim, with the shifting array of styles available you will find a look that suits you. I love adding a little edge to an outfit and I achieved it with this look right here.

Shop the look at Suzsa Boutique Fermoy

Vans from Office Opera Lane Cork


  1. April 25, 2018 / 9:11 pm

    wow this is a stunning jacket! your pics are beautiful too

    • marie
      April 25, 2018 / 10:12 pm

      Thank you so much X I’m really trying to up my game with the photography. It’s a passion of mine.

      • April 25, 2018 / 10:28 pm

        I’ve noticed and am loving them
        I’m going to get my Nikon back out it’s been too long here myself

        • marie
          April 26, 2018 / 9:50 pm

          If your not far from Fermoy, you should join the camera club

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