The time I was invited to talk about blogging at UCC to the Journalism Society.

The time I was invited to talk about blogging at UCC to the Journalism Society.

I know like what were they thinking asking me but hey I’m not one to turn down an opportunity like that and when would I ever be in UCC again speaking to students… never. I had a lot to live up to as Rosemary MacCabe was also one of the guest speakers, along with my dear friend Trish Carlos – recent Author of the amazing book The Silver Comb . Kerry Elizabeth was the other lady and I enjoyed listening to her story, check her blog out here

Hence I opted to go first !!

I’m not going to bore you all with my achievements to date but just give you a snippet of my talk below enjoy XXX

So when I began my blogging journey I searched the  internet for some help and guidance and discovered the group #IrishBLBInspire who were based in Wexford.

I remember messaging Danielle one of the Admin and she asked for my blog url … I was like what the heck is a url ? I know I should know this kinda stuff right but I didn’t and that’s what made the group so great cause you got to learn from others and the support was exactly what I needed as a newbie blogger.

Danielle is a good friend a blogger over at  Lilliwhiterose

Claire another good friend who blogged for many a year longer than most. Claire has recently stopped in her blogging journey but you can still find her on Insta here and Twitter here

Sera was another of the Admin from the group I met her at their Blogger meet up in Wexford in June 2015 and she was such a lovely lady. Check out her blog right here .

You can also read all about that event right here

I chatted about the Cloggers Blogger Group and how that came about and also what I have accomplished to date through my blog. I won’t bore you all with the details…

But blogging is alot of hard work and is hugely time consumning beacause you have things like: writing, editing, re- reading, spell checking, photography, lighting, re-sizing. Social media, scheduling, facebook, snapchat, insta stories, pinterest etc.

I went on to explain the interaction which I have received from posts I’ve written and what that means to me when people take the time to leave a comment or say that meant alot to them and they really related to that post.

Here is a snippet from a post I wrote on “Those people who have touched our lives”

I wasn’t the smartest or a straight A student or in the very cool gang, but I always did my best and worked my hardest and had lots of friends.

I always remembered looking forward to getting my school reports in the post to see what teachers had said about me …

But I suppose we are always seeking approval in life and acceptance, a feeling that we matter and that we are liked !

I usually got things like and I quote “Marie tries hard,” ” I find her pleasant and she works to her ability”

“Marie tries hard and will do well if she keeps up the good work”

But … there is always a BUT … there was one teacher …

The older we get the less we care but as a kid in national school probably aged 10-11 this one teachers remarks have been embedded in my brain and its something you never forget. “Marie will struggle and will find next year very difficult”

I have never forgotten that teacher and how upset I was when I read those words.We need to encourage, build self esteem, praise our young people and believe in them.

As the saying goes ” It is easier to build a child than to repair an adult”

Dont worry that teacher didn’t scare me for life !!!

The auld bag … I think I used a stronger word during my talk, I couldn’t help myself. Imagine if she could see me now I said standing right here in UCC giving this talk to all of you students…

So it just goes to show the POWER that words can have we can do great things with our words and our writing.

*Sharing personal experiences

*Reviewing products

*Recommendations on hotels/holiday destinations  – whatever it may be,when people read it and are influenced by the blogger that is so amazing. So stay true and be honest.

I finished with saying that whatever line the students went down to just remember that we are all human and life can be hard and whatever we may think, we cannot do it all – we need love, support, encouragement and community.

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As Uncle Kermet said – TAKE WHAT YOU GOT AND FLY WITH IT – If it makes you happy do it. I was at BloggerConf just before doing this talk and this struck a cord deep in my heart. Darragh from the Irish Blogger group played this #me #emotional (click on the link below and get carried away in the emotion)

Believe in You – Tribute

So if you are ever struggling or find it hard

Just BELIEVE there is someone who BELIEVES in YOU !

Love Marie XXX


  1. noellekelly
    May 21, 2017 / 4:33 pm

    I love the finishing sentence Marie! It can be hard believing in yourself sometimes! You’re inspirational and I’m sure that came across 🙂

    • May 21, 2017 / 8:15 pm

      Thank you so very much Noelle. XXX

  2. Danielle Lilliwhiterose
    May 21, 2017 / 11:10 pm

    Thanks so much for the mention Marie x Seems like a lifetime since the group, it was always fun to run it along with Sara & Claire and we got to meet and feel inspired by so many wonderful people x

  3. May 22, 2017 / 4:40 pm

    No problem Danielle. I will never forget the love & support ye gave me on my journey when I began blogging & honoured to have ye as my friends XXXX

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