The time I was invited to talk about blogging at UCC to the Journalism Society.

I know like what were they thinking asking me but hey I’m not one to turn down an opportunity like that and when would I ever be in UCC again speaking to students… never. I… View Post

LOVE makes the world go round …

I first got to know the lovely Karen Geraghty via the wonderful app that is Snapchat. Our friendship blossomed and she not only became a dear friend but a confidant. I finally got to meet… View Post

My Chocolate Salty Balls- well that’s what I call em !

I bet your singing that song right now Suck on My Chocolate Salty Balls … I have seen so many people making these Energy Balls lately and every recipe had nuts or prunes or nasty… View Post

6 Mths in & I’ve a mouth full #literally

Tuesday the 20th of Dec, I got my top tracks on, it was a mixture of excitement to be getting on with things and also covering up gaps created by my arch expander which were… View Post

#2016 Have you been good to me ?

#2016 Have you been good to me ? Well in ways Yes & No … in life we all hit ups and downs. Some of us more so than others ! Why this is I’ll… View Post